Calais Dover Ferry
Calais Dover Ferry
Ferry crossings from Calais to Dover with Cheapest Prices

Travelling On Calais Dover Ferries

The port of Calais, on the northern coast of France, is one of the most famous ports in the world and the main port of entry to europe from the UK. We've put this mini ferry portal together to help you find all the latest cross channel promotional deals and promotions available on Calais Dover Ferries route.

Dover Calais Channel Crossing News

Sea France, the only french owned channel ferry crossing operator are no longer operating which leaves P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways, in collaboration with LD Lines, along with EuroTunnel from Folkstone as your best routes to Calais.

Calais town overlooks the Straits of Dover and is popular with both tourists and locals. Dover is the closest port to Calais in the United Kingdom which makes travel both easy and quick. The local economy of both Calais and Dover depend on tourism and commercial ferry travel which means lots of ferry lines and promotional deals and offers all year around.

Ferry Crossings from Dover to Calais

Travel on Calais Dover Ferries have to go through the narrowest point of the English Channel which means great views as the ferries enter and leave the ports of Calais and Dover.

The harbours that are being used for docking the Calais Dover Ferries are the major ports of the century, giving the advantage on the economic needs of both towns. The produce of the Calais can be easily transferred and be traded to the town of Dover for the United Kingdom’s market. Even with the rails that connect the town of Calais to other cities and towns that can transport these items, the port still plays a major role in the trade and industry for the people of the towns. Shopping for the tourists in France and in the side of United Kingdom can easily be achieved also since it is a very easy access for both the Calais and Dover through the Calais Dover Ferries.

Mini Cruise Breaks and Booze Cruises

Mini cuise breaks to Calais and other european ports with an on-board cabin are a popular hassle-free way to explore european ports. Turn mini cruise breaks into booze cruises with the savings you can make buying booze and duty free purchases for Christmas, weddings and other special occasions and mini cruises are a great way to save money and have fun at the same time

Ferry Crossings from Calais to Dover

Not only are the tourists provided with the great shopping experience, they are also enabled to enjoy the main sights by going through the Calais Dover Ferries. However, most tourists may not know that the Calais has been heavily destroyed by the bombs during the Second World War; there are still hotel de villes that can be found in the town, which were built with the style of the Flemish Renaissance. These hotel de villes are visible from out in the sea, which adds to the great experience of the travellers in the Calais Dover Ferries. Included in the nice panorama is the statue made by Auguste Rodin called The Burghers of Calais.

With the Calais Dover Ferries that are common visitors of the port, the many tourists in the United Kingdom part can easily cross the strait and have some excursions. Opting for channel ferries when it comes to crossing the channel is always lots of fun, as well as saving you money. These excursions for big groups of tourists can be easily arranged with any of the many ferries that service these ports.

Many prefer the travelling convenience of the Calais Dover Ferries, you may also want to consider experiencing this kind of tour or excursion when you visit the town of Calais to give yourself an additional treat of seeing Dover town.