Calais Dover Ferry
Calais Dover Ferry
Ferry crossings from Calais to Dover with Cheapest Prices

Experience Travelling through the Dover Calais Ferry Crossing

If you are a tourist in the United Kingdom and would like to see parts of France, then you must try the Dover Calais ferry crossing where you can cross from the town of Dover in England to the nice town of Calais in France by getting on a ferry. This will give you a very nice view while cruising the short ferry crossing between England and France. Through the ferries present in the ports around the harbours of France and England, many tourists can visit many places at the same time with the wonderful sight the ferry trips can allow the sightseers to enjoy!

Due to the fame of the Dover Calais Ferry Crossing among tourists, there are very cheap fares for the ferries that can provide you with the ride you want. The prices of the Dover Calais Ferry Crossing ferries can be cheap and worth the sights and experience you can get with the short sea travel. However, the Dover Calais Ferry Crossing fares can increase up to as much as three times the price in summer than during the winter season. The tickets can be bought as an open return, one way or even as a special return ticket for the travel plans that you have.

Cheap Dover Calais Ferry Crossings

The travel through the ferry crossing is the shortest route between the towns of Dover and Calais of England and France. This is the busiest port as well. There are also the hovercrafts that take shorter time when going through the Dover Calais Ferry Crossing; it only takes roughly 35 minutes to get from Dover to Calais. Nevertheless, getting into a hovercraft to cross the Dover Calais Ferry Crossing is usually subjected to the weather conditions of the countries. The Se Cats are catamarans that can cross the Dover Calais Crossing even with bad weather conditions but with longer time of 50 minutes. What makes the dover-calais ferries special for tourists here are the duty free shops available on board them, which is very convenient!

The reason for the cheap price the ferries that goes on the route of Dover Calais Ferry Crossing is due to the competitions that are ongoing with the many ferries that service in this route. This is a very good advantage for the tourists, as well as locals of both towns to go from the Dover town to the Calais town. Next time you will be in the area, make sure to check the fares and schedules of the ferries going to Dover to Calais.